The Secret to Back Pain is in Your Feet! The 5 Exercises that Fix Everything!

The Secret to Back Pain is in Your Feet! The 5 Exercises that Fix Everything!

December 17, 2018

One of the most common problems that people seem to experience at one point or another in their life is back pain. This pain can be due to different body postures, improper sitting, standing and a lot more things that might appear daily.

Nevertheless, there are very easy and simple ways to help alleviate and get rid of this pain. This will include some exercises which are good to remove not only back pain, but knees and hip pain as well. All you have to do is do them more often and the pain will be gone.

Feet are Very Important When it Comes to Back Pain

One of the most crucial body parts that control the balance, body posture and even some pains are the feet. They are the ones which help us move all while they have to withstand some bad footwear. Thus, it would be really important to take good care of them.

Furthermore, it is only natural that our feet deteriorate with aging and the walking becomes harder. That is why one in three Americans just fall suddenly, and the risk is bigger with people in their 80s and 90s.

While you are walking, the pressure in the feet controls the balance of the rest of the body. Also, if you are experiencing pain in one foot, it might throw off the whole standing or walking process.

Which brings us to our next point and that is exercise. If you do it regularly, not only will it strengthen the muscles but it will also keep a proper blood flow and prevent the balance problems that appear with age.

The balance you need to keep of your body relates to body posture and the bones and muscles are aligned to keep you upright. Thus, if they are not aligned properly, then the body posture can be out of balance.


According to one study, those women who ear heels are exposed to back pain more than other people. This pain can cause some problems with the posture and you need to use different methods to get rid of it. Luckily, we are here to show you some.

The Exercises that Will Help You Get Rid of the Back Pain

1. Upward Stretching of the Legs and the Toes

First, you need to lie on your back and stretch the legs in front. Just lift one leg in the air with a towel and make sure you straighten the knee and pull the towel slowly towards the head. Do not strain yourself a lot because you might get hurt. Also, stay like that for 20-30 seconds and repeat one more time. Do the same with the other leg.

2. Heels

Begin with sitting on the ground and extending the right leg in front of you, while the left one is under the thigh. Just bend forwards and grab the toes to make slow movements to press them in opposite directions. Stay like this for half a minute and repeat twice with each leg.

3. Toe Stretching

Grab the toes with the right hand while you are sitting on a chair with the left leg on your right thigh. When you do, shake them like you shake hands with someone. Afterwards, stretch the toes to the side for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times and change the foot.

4. Stretching the Heel Tendons with the help of Your Knee

You should face a wall in a standing position. Then, place the right leg in front of you and bend the right knee just a little. You should start moving the hips towards the wall while both of your heels are steady on the ground. Hold it like this for half a minute and relax for another half. Do this twice and change the leg.

5. Foot Massage

You should move a tennis ball slowly around the right foot and you should start by placing the ball under the second toe. Just move around for 1-3 minutes and do the same with the other foot.


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